Date of application: 18.04.2015
The first three questions are only for applicants from the Russian Federation
or other native Russian speaking applicants. Other applicants should begin with Question 4.
(Первые 3 вопроса только для граждан Р.Ф.
Пожалуйста, пишите ответы на первые 3 вопроса по–русски.)
1. Фамилия
2. Имя, Отчество
3. Место работы или учебы
(название ВУЗа, факультет, кафедра, курс, специальность)
ALL APPLICANTS: (Please write the rest of the application in English)
5A. Country of residence:
5B. City of residence:
For students: (including graduate students):
6A. Place of Study (name of Institution, Faculty/School, Kafedra/Department, Specialization)
6B. Level of Study (e.g. “1st year undergraduate”, “2nd year MA”, “3rd year Ph.D.” etc.)
For non-students (including professors, and other professional / academic positions):
6C. Place of Work (name and address of Company/Business/Institution)
6D. Work Position (your Position, your Specialization, how long you have held the position)
7. Interest in NYI: CHOOSE ONE
I am PRIMARILY interested in CULTURAL Studies
*NB: This does not depend on what your primary specialization of work or study is – it only indicates what
omponent of the NYI program you are interested in (for our information)
8. How did you hear about NYI? (check any/all boxes that apply. Please give specific information)
I was recommended by my Professor. Professor’s name
From a former NYI student. Name and year of student
I received an e-mail from NYI
On the Internet. Site or Portal name/address
Other source of information? Be specific
10. Home:
11. Mobile:
12. Work:
Level of English language: (for all non-native speakers; native speakers write 'native')
13. Describe your background in studying English (school, institute or university, other courses and for how long).
Also describe other extensive use of the language (work, study abroad…)
14. Have you ever taken a standardized English language test? Name of test
Name of test
Date of test?
Please report your score here
15. Self-evaluation: Please evaluate your English language ability in the following categories:
  reading writing speaking comprehension informal/slang



Very good



16. Please provide the name, position, phone number and e-mail address
of two people who are well acquainted with your academic interests (Professor, Supervisor,...).
Please ask one of them to submit a letter of recommendation (in English or Russian) to us, electronically if possible. (See instructions on recommendation submission at the end)
17. a. Have you studied at NYI before?    YES    NO
b. If YES, which years?
 2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014 
c. How did you first hear about the New York Institute? (be specific!) Please provide exact info!
18. Are you interested in applying for dormitory accommodations for the NY Institute?
19. 4 Essay Questions: On the next two pages there are 4 essay questions. Please answer each question separately, numbering them clearly. Your answers should be as specific as possible and should be between 200 and 300 words each.
QUESTION A: Describe your primary area(s) of academic and intellectual interests and how you hope
to further them through studying at NYI.
QUESTION B: What do you imagine yourself doing 5 years from now, academically and/or
professionally? And in 10 years?
QUESTION C: If someone put a movie camera in your hands and told you to go out and make a short film within 24 hours
that captured the essence of your life (past, present and future), exactly what would the film be like (including its title) and specifically in what genre and style?
QUESTION D: Tell us about some article or book you have read in the past few years that was central to your intellectual development; explain how you discovered it and describe how it influenced your thinking.
20. Courses taken. Please list up to 6 relevant background courses you have taken (do not include any previous NYI courses). For each course list the title, instructor, institution, length of course, and a 2-sentence description.
relevant to your field of interest.(Make sure you provide course title, instructor's name, institution, year, and a brief description.)
Course title:
Length of course:
2 sentence description:


INSTRUCTIONS: All applicants must fill out questions 4-19

• Every applicant must have one recommendation letter sent to us directly by your recommendor.
• Additionally, every applicant must send us separately a 1-page CV (curriculum vitae)
• Students needing visas must submit:
(a) a scan of your passport info pages
(b) a completed Visa Information Form (can be downloaded here )

All materials should be sent to the address:
NB: The SUBJECT of the e-mail letters must say "Recommendation for NYI Applicant X" and
"CV of NYI Applicant X" (X is your name)

Be sure to fill in the code at the right -->
BEFORE pressing "send" or your application may get erased

Type the characters
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Application Process

• Applications received before April 15 receive $40 discount


** NEW:  MINI-GRANTS OF $70, $200 AND $270 WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR 2015 **

• Applicants can request mini-grants only AFTER they are accepted into NYI

Mini-grants will be available both before and after the April 15 (discount) deadline

• Priority for mini-grants will go to Russia/CIS citizens, studying in Russia/CIS 


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