NYI # 13 cool

July 13-31, 2015 @ St. Petersburg State University

May 26, 2015

• NW Fellowships closed.   We received 22 applications.   Winners to be announced Tues. June 2
• General application results to be announced Thurs. June 4.
• General applications still being accepted until confirmations of June 4 acceptances are completed.

ECTS credits available for European students!

Please contact us directly for more information click here to e-mail us!

March 15, 2015:  NYI welcomes our new faculty:

Heather DeHaan, Binghamton University

Laura Kalin, University of Connecticut

Bradley Larson, Harvard University

Derek C. Maus, SUNY Postdam

Donna Jo Napoli, Swarthmore College

Rita Nezami, Stony Brook University

Mitja Velikonja, University of Ljubljana