• Cult-C. Cinema, Power, and Social Change* (Advanced)

    (Dijana Jelaca, Fordham University)

    This Seminar is advanced.  Some knowledge of film history and/or cultural studies is preferred. Recommended for students interested in film theory and transnational cultural studies.

    This seminar will examine the role of cinema in resistance movements and globalized politics of social change. The central questions that the course will tackle are: can cinema itself instigate social change, or is it merely reflective of it? What has been the role of cinema in the cultural and political imagination of various social and political shifts? Moreover, does cinema’s subversive power lie in its content or in its form? During the course, we will survey topics such as Third Cinema, Fourth Cinema, neocolonialism, dissident cinema, oppositional gaze, transnational feminism, film and neoliberalism, and others.