• Ling/Cog-E. How Languages Move their Heads

    (Asia Pietraszko, University of Connecticut)

    This class is open to all students.  It is recommended for students with a basic background in linguistics and interests in Syntax and Morphology.

    In this course, we will look at morpho-syntactic word-building phenomena and the grammatical processes that underlie them, such as Head Movement, Lowering, PF Merger, clitic movement etc. We will survey recent approaches to such head displacement operations and evaluate them against a crosslinguistic typology. Among other things, we will ask the following questions about head displacement: 1) How does it interact with syntactic processes like phrasal movement or ellipsis? 2) Is it syntactic, post-syntactic, both? 3) What locality constraints is it subject to? 4) What is its relationship with do-support and other types of periphrasis? The course will assume some background in syntax, at least having taken an introductory course in syntax.