• Ling-D. Patterns of sound structure – An introduction to phonological analysis

    (Ioana Chitoran, Université Paris Diderot)

    This course is available to all students. It is intended for those interested in sound systems of human language.

    Studying the sound structure of human language begins with the observation that similar sound patterns are found in several languages, while at the same time, a pattern may differ across languages in certain specific aspects.

    This course introduces models of phonological representation proposed in order to account for both typological similarity and language-specific variation. The course deals mainly with the descriptive analysis of common cross-linguistic phonological patterns. We will focus on formulating generalizations, and formalizing them in relevant analyses, with close attention to what types of arguments can be considered relevant for the formalization.

    1. Identifying and describing patterns
    2. Evidence for units smaller than the sound: features, gestures
    3. The internal organization of sounds: feature geometry
    4. Phonology as a system of rules and representations
    5. Combinatorial restrictions: phonotactics and syllable structure
    6. Patterns of prominence: stress
    7. Phonology as a system of constraints on representations

    Pre-requisites:  Students should:
    - have basic background in articulatory phonetics
    - be familiar with IPA transcription