• Cult-E: Heretical Materialisms

    (Nikolay Karkov, SUNY Cortland)

    Weeks 1 & 2

    In the face of two global pandemics (of COVID-19 and anti-black racism), a planet that is burning, neoliberalism gone rogue, and (hetero)sexist patriarchal violence unhinged, in short, in the face of an economic, political, cultural, epistemic and even epidemiological crisis becoming the norm, what are some of the tools to orientate both thought and action in resistant ways? In this course, we will look at scholar-activists who grapple with this question, on the margins of the disciplinary debates and with a critical eye to producing theory that makes a praxical difference in everyday struggles. Accordingly, we will read texts by authors such as Felix Guattari, Silvia Federici, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, and Jackie Wang, to explore the intersections between ecological thought and the production of subjectivity, social reproduction and state violence, racial capitalism and abolition geography, and predictive policing and white supremacy, among others. Students will be encouraged to not only engage critically with the readings, but also try to “plug” into the texts, from the place of their own struggles and concerns.