• Cult-D: The Politics of Utopia

    (Tanja Petrović, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

    Week 2, M/W/F, 12:00 noon (NY time)

    The course focuses on utopian imagination as politically relevant and mobilizing for future-oriented politics in the present that is often characterized as post-political, ruptured, suspended and creating a feeling of strandedness for the subjects occupying it. It will address various cultural forms and social patterns in which utopian imagination is takes shape: music, film, photography, memories, activist practices. We will discuss historically situated instances of utopian imagination. As profoundly future-oriented, utopian thinking questions fixed temporalities and mobilizes alternative ones. We will thus pay attention also to temporal aspects of utopia, and the relationship between past, present and the future it questions, restructures, or helps to recuperate.