• Cult-H: The Currency of Photographs

    (Yola Monakhov Stockton, SUNY Buffalo State)

    Week 2; M/W/F 12:00 noon (NY time)

    Description: In this course, we will analyze the cultural and political currency of photographs in the realms of art, social media, and policing. In our three sessions, we will examine photographs and digital images as carriers of meaning, reinforcers of authority, and agents of change. Subjects of discussion will include (1) photography of the African-American experience in the United States, from the Frederick Douglass to Black Lives Matter; (2) surveillance imagery and the art of mass incarceration; and (3) decolonization of the self: portraiture, storytelling, and documentary modes. Student work will entail image analysis and discussion, with a choice between a short essay or a photo-based project that responds to questions raised in class.