• Cult-G: Global Dimensions of Black Lives Matter

    (Simone Brioni, Rob Chase, Gary Marker, Shobana Shankar, Yalile Suriel, Tracey Walters, Stony Brook University, Vladimir Malakhov, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences)

    Weeks 1 & 2; T/Th 1:15 pm (NY), 8:15 pm (St. P)
    The intersection of the global pandemic, global Black Lives Matter, and the phenomenon of more authoritarian approach to leadership in democratic societies makes this a moment unlike any we--students, staff, faculty alike-- have experienced in our lifetimes. This forum (including, lectures Q&A, visuals) looks at this intersection, largely but not exclusively through the lens of BLM.  

    Moderator: Gary Marker

    Week 1:

    Tuesday, July 21:   
    Workshop Introduction (Gary Marker)
    "Black Lives Matter and the call for an inclusive education" (Tracey Walters)

    Thursday, July 23: 
    "Mass Incarceration and The Protest for Black Lives" (Robert Chase)
    "Student Protest and the Policing of College Campuses" (Yalile Suriel)

    Week 2:

    Tuesday, July 28:   
    "Race and Racial Equality in Africa and Asia" (Shobana Shankar)
    "Racism in Italy and the legacy of Italian colonialism"  (Simone Brioni)

    Thursday, July 30
    Vladimir Malakhov and final discussion