• Cult I: Media, Migration, and Global Tourism

    (Tori Omega Arthur, Colorado State University)

    Weeks 1 & 2; T/Th 11:00 am (NY time)

    Prior to COVID-19, travel and tourism was a multi-billion dollar business that bolstered the hospitality industry as well as travel related media. Over the last decade, scholars have devised and debated theories related to global cultural tourism and the ways in which media depicts travel, leisure, and travelers in nations around the world. In this course, students will analyze the differences between the terms 'travel' and 'tourism' as well as examine conceptions of the 'tourist gaze.' Course topics will include: The 'Tourist Gaze 4.0' - Defining the Gaze in the 21st Century Mass Mediating Tourism - How The Media Narrates the World Traveling Personas - Travel Bloggers and the Crisis of Authenticity We're Out Here - Race, Gender, and Representation in Social Media Travelogues Student assignments will include an essay analyzing a major travel publication's relationship with the 'tourist gaze' and a digital presentation about a popular travel influencer's online persona.