Elif Nur Altuntaş


"It was my first experience in V-NYI and I truly enjoyed a lot while learning. I think discussions in each class were the most valuable and enjoyable parts. They were very informative and the variety of paticipants enabled me to see various other perspectives around the world."

Favorite classes: Drama of Poetry, Poetry of Drama (Movement, Protestation, Celebration), Translation in a Multilingual World

Nadezhda Bezuevskaia

I'm from St. Petersburg, Russia, now studying at Paideia The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden

"I am interested in Foreign Languages, Social Linguistics, World Cultures and Literature."

"This was my first experience of participation in VNYI#3. I am grateful for the opportunity to get experience in so different, but interesting and brilliant classes and discussions, to attend the stunning lectures and deepen into new fields of knowledge. I enjoyed every class, lecture and informal gatherings and got huge amount of insights!

Favorite classes: Drama of Poetry, Poetry of Drama, Navigating Identities

Smriti Choudhary

MA student, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

"I am a reader, poet, language nerd, and a feminist."

"The experience at v-nyi has been amazing. It was wonderful to meet people from all over the world and have a rich exchange of thoughts and ideas. The faculty were knowledgeable and approachable. Students at v-nyi form the perfect learning community because of diversity of backgrounds."

Favorite class: Translation in a Multilingual World (Polly Gannon, Amelia Glaser, & Rita Nezami)

Gerasimos Georgopoulos

PhD student at the University of Vienna

"I am enjoying the whole V-NYI atmosphere, the different options in terms of meeting/talks/courses and the people involved. I am very satisfied with the availability and the overall interest of the lecturers regarding student questions. I also like the variety in course options as well as the ambudance in course-related and extra readings."

Favorite class :Backward control, crossed control and voice restructuring

Lena Heynen

PhD student, KULeuven, Leuven, Belgium

"It is a lot of fun to dive into some fascinating linguistic problems with a group of enthousiastic students and inspiring teachers. The level of the linguistic courses is very advanced, there is a lot of space for discussion and you can choose yourself how far you dig into the material."

Favorite class: Backward control, crossed control and voice restructuring

Chit-Fung (Lawrence) Lam

PhD student, University of Manchester, UK

"I am attending Linguistics classes delivered by internationally renowned scholars, who not only are experts of their fields but also amazing teachers. The courses are very well designed. I also have the chance to interact with students from all over the world. I really like discussing subject matters with the international scholars."

V-NYI is an excellent programme!

Elena Logunova

Kaliningrad State Technical University, Russia

"I work as an Associate Professor at Kaliningrad State Technical University with the students of economic and programming departments. In 2011 I got Ph.D. degree (in Linguistics).  In my spare time I am fond of reading and travelling!  "

"The NYI program gave me the chance to deepen my knowledge in Cognitive Linguistics and got more new ideas for further scientific work. I strongly recommend everyone to become a part of this great international school!. I consider seminars in Formal Semantics and Generative Syntax valuable, as the professors give new insights in these areas!  Thank you so much for this great experience in my scientific life!"

Jonathan Mangar

St. John's University (Alum), Queens, NY.  

"I’ve been a secondary school Spanish teacher for eight years and have also taught Italian and Catholic religious studies. In my spare time I enjoy taking walks, dining out, and volunteering at my church."

"Meeting students and faculty from all over the world is exciting. After some time away from linguistics, it is good to have a refresher and also learn new things. It has been helpful and exciting to exchange ideas with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The institute offers a balance of linguistics and culture courses."

Favorite class: Intro to Semantics (Daniel Altshuler)

Ivana Širinić

University of Zagreb, Croatia

"The V-NYI conference provided me with a valuable insight into topics and fields I didn't know even existed. I am very grateful that I have had a chance to attend seminars, which are led by top university professors and get a glimpse of how universities and lectures work in other countries. I stumbled upon this conference completely accidentally and I did not expect at all that I will enjoy it so much!"

Favorite classes: Translation in a Multilingual World;  Covering vulnerable and underrepresented populations in international journalism

Carmen Tang

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

"I’m primarily interested in syntax processing. I’m also interested in music cognition and simultaneously processing between language and music. I’m an amateur player of piano and cello :)  Doing NYI virtually allows me to meet experts in the field and fellow researchers around the world while sitting in my own room, low cost, but hard to stay awake especially when the classes are in midnights.

Favorite class: Intermdiate syntax. It’s mind blowing to listen to Prof. Iatridou’s class, nice to know WHY we have to do a certain movement/ how binding works

Niaz Tishegaran


"It’s been a brand new experience for me since it is my first time attending online classes; and the fact that students join from all over the globe makes this experience extraordinary. The opportunity that NYI has created for me to learn from these top-notch professors in such a friendly environment is extremely valuable. One of the enjoyable parts is the wonderful slides and other class materials that professors have provided for us so that we can learn better. Plus, the professors and TAs are so supportive."

Favorite classes: Introduction to General Syntax, Cognitive Science goes to the field, Experimental Linguistics, Navigating Identities

Jason Tremblay

MA student, University of Quebec, MontrealTo quote Nietzsche: 'Without music, life would be a mistake'. To this I add: 'and so would be life without language'.  Everything's connected!"

"V-NYI is Impressive by the user-friendly character of the virtual edition; thrilling by the scope of subjects covered; inspiring by the quality of the teaching; and stimulating by the peers crosslinguistic knowledges. How easy it is to reach out with everyone, and especially the teachers; the amazing talks; the possibility to attend cultural presentations even if we subscribed for ling/cog; and the broad access to academic materials.

Favorite class:  Introduction to Experimental Linguistics (Vera Gor)

Qiuhao Charles Yan

Shanghai, China (PhD student, Queen Mary University of London)

"V-NYI#3 is probably the best summer school program I've ever joined in. Here you can not only participate in courses given by the leading academics, but also meet a lot of fun people who share the same passion about the same subject with you. It makes you believe you are not alone on the way to the hall of academia. It is really a great chance for young researchers like me to share my idea with others."

Favorite classes: Intermediate Syntax & Intro to Formal Semantics

Ekaterina Zavalevna

MA, Moscow 

"My experience of this summer school has been really challenging, in a good way. I, undoubtedly, am happy to be a part of this magnificent event!

What I like the most about this school is the variety of topics discussed (especially for me who is not a specialist in either of these fields). And it also is adorable how many amazing people are here. This is a unique opportunity to see points of view of many great minds :)"

Favorite classes: Topics in Art and Cognition (!), Cognitive Science Goes to the Field