** Virtual NYI: Everything Live **
Winter Session:  January 18-29, 2021

All General Lectures streamed live on our Facebook Page
daily at 12:30 pm (NY), 8:30 pm (St P)

Winter Session Themes:
• Theoretical Linguistics
• Race and Gender Studies
• Critical Cultural Studies
• Literature and Visual Arts

**Click here to view the full V-NYI schedule**
(open with Google Sheets for best view)

V-NYI Winter Cultual Studies Faculty:

Tori Omega Arthur, Colorado State University
Asma Barlas, Ithaca College

Polly Gannon, Independent Scholar

Amelia Glaser, UCSD
Eugene Hammond, Stony Brook University
Heidi Hutner, Stony Brook University
Kristen Karlberg, SUNY Purchase
Samuel Jay Keyser, MIT
Steven Lee, UC Berkeley

Barbara LeSavoy, SUNY College at Brockport
Leah Lowe, Vanderbilt University
Anna Maslennikova, University of Rohester

Jim McFarland, Vanderbilt University
Yola Monakhov Stockton, SUNY Buffalo State College
Tanja Petrović, Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts

Shobana Shankar, Stony Brook University
Tracey Walters, Stony Brook University

Katharina Wiedlack, University of Vienna

Winter V-NYI Linguistics/Cognitive Studies faculty:

John F. Bailyn, Stony Brook University
John E. Drury, Jiangsu Normal University
Masha Esipova, University of Oslo
Naomi Francis, University of Oslo

Vera Gor, Princeton University
Jonah Katz, West Virginia University
Nina Kazanina, University of Bristol
Samuel Jay Keyser, MIT

Ekaterina Lyutikova, Moscow State University
Andrew Nevins, UCL
Roumyana Pancheva, USC
Rob Pasternak, ZAS, Berlin
Asya Pereltsvaig, Santa Clara University
David Pesetsky, MIT
Asia Pietraszko, University of Rochester
Omer Preminger, University of Maryland
Chikako Takahashi, Stony Brook University

Russell Tanenbaum, Stony Brook University