What is V-NYI???
Global Winter V-NYI, January 18-29, 2021
First ever Global virtual NYI (V-NYI). July 20-31, 2020
What is NYI? (NYI co-director John F. Bailyn)
Prof. Heather deHaan, Binghamton University, on NYI
Prof. Derek Maus on being in Russia
Can thoughts alone move objects on a screen? real-time experiment from Dr. Evie Malia's 2015 seminar
simultaneous translation of "The Origin of Love" (from Hedwig and the Angry Inch), into Russian Sign Language (NYI 2014)
What is NYI? Zala Mojca Jerman Kuželički (2015 student from Slovenia)
What is NYI? Miriam Aguilar (NYI student, Tarragona, Spain)
SUNY Brockport student on her 2015 experience at NYI
NYI 2013 Closing Ceremony. Clip made by Ulugbek Razakov