• Ling-B: Topics in Syntax (a.k.a. "Syntax 2")

    (Omer Preminger (UMD))

    This course requires some background in generative syntax.

    Topics in Syntax (a.k.a. "Syntax 2")

    This course is intended for students with minimal background in generative syntax (an introductory undergraduate(=bachelor's degree) course in generative syntax is sufficient, as is having taken Intro to Syntax at NYI in the past).

    Since this course is not regularly offered at NYI, we have a great deal of flexibility about what we decide to cover, and it will depend in large part on what you – the students – decide you are interested in. The way I've decided to progress is as follows: I'll have a default plan for what I want to cover, but I will come prepared (and extremely willing) to deviate from this plan if the class' interests pull us in some other direction. Therefore, the plan below should be regarded as highly tentative.

    With that in mind, here is a provisional plan (the order of topics is also tentative and subject to modification):
          • minimality (wh-superiority, A-intervention(, Head Movement Constraint?))
         • unaccusativity: two kinds of intransitives (plus the Verb Phrase Internal Subject Hypothesis)
         • ergativity and (what is left of) the notion of "subject"
         • (other) topics in case and agreement
         • the nature of the syntactic atom: word? morpheme? feature? meaning? none of the above?