• Ling-L: Introduction to LInguistics through Russian

    (John Frederick Bailyn, Stony Brook University)

    T/Th 11:15 am - 12:15 pm (NY time)

    In this mini-course, we will discuss core issues of linguistic analyses, based on data from Russian (and occasionally other languages). Some knowledge of Russian is required - at least the ability to read cyrillic.

    Topics will range from universal processes structural properties of language to controversial issues of the connection between language and culture.  Basic course structure will be as follows (if time allows, If not, any one of these 4 themes may have to be sacrificed):

    1. Phonetic processes seen through Russian, esp (de)voicing processes and vowel reduction. Core phonological concepts, including contrastive phonemes, minimal pairs, underlying forms, historical change, and orthography seen through the Russian hard and soft consonant system.

    2. Inflectional morphology (aka - endings). Organization of roots, stems, and affixes seen through the Russian system of noun declension and verbal conjugation.

    3. Derivational morphology (internal structure of words) seen through the nicely regular Russian system of imperfective derivation

    4. Case. Its relation to structure and its relation to meaning.