• Cult-J: Translation in a Multilingual World (Literary case studies)

    (Polly Gannon, independent Scholar, Amelia Glaser, UCSD & Rita Nezami, Stony Brook University)

    Course schedule:

    Thurs. July 15: Course Introduction: Amelia Glaser:
        "On translation theory and practice"

    Tues. July 20th: Polly Gannon:
         "Translation in a World of Walls. “Making Good Trouble” with Translation"

    Thurs. July 22: Amelia Glaser:  "homophonic translation "

    Tues. July 27th: Polly Gannon:
         "Translation as Echolocation. (Traversing linguistic geographies—working, walking, talking.). (Or: Translation is Everywhere There’s a Where!)"

    Thurs. July 29th: Rita Nazami: 
        "A Rhetoric of Translation that Resists Cultural Domestication." (Based on two novels by Tahar Ben Jelloun that Nezami has translated from French, including her most recent publication of The Pleasure Marriage on 1 June 2021.)

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